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Go truly global by unlocking the Asian mobile games market

Reach 1.2 billion players in some of the world's biggest and toughest territories. While traditionally these markets were dominated by core game genres, all eyes are on Asia as the next opportunity for casual and hyper-casual mobile games.

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What we're
looking for

Players want games they can pick up and play on the go. No barriers just good gameplay. Below you can find the JoyPac checklist for what you should consider if you’re interested in launching your game in the West and East.

Intuitive gameplay, a solid core loop and polished art

You have limited time to capture the hearts and minds of your players. Make sure your game has an original spin on an established theme with gameplay that’s easy to learn, but difficult to master.

Mobile platforms for extended reach

Having delivered gaming to billions of new users, mobile platforms and distribution channels (iOS, Android & HTML5) are a natural fit for the bite-sized nature of modern casual and hyper-casual games.

F2P games that monetize well with a mobile ads model

Free as a business model has long been the norm on mobile, but we believe in building revenue through a heavy emphasis on advertising. Players in Asia are quickly getting used to this approach and no longer only pay to play in core games.

Standout KPIs on either retention, sessions or stickiness

Yes, data is king. So get your analytics tracking SDK (we recommend that you set up GameAnalytics) to send and receive events as early as possible. Generally we’d want to see day 1 retention greater than 40%, but it’s all about that stickiness of D7.

Come meet us, we got cookies

We are travelling near and far to meet with awesome developers and publishers, if you’re in town come say hi and hear more about the future markets of casual games distribution!