Ad Monetization Optimization


Ad Monetization Optimization

Releasing your mobile game in China? The JoyPac team will help you understand how to optimize your game’s growth cycle and revenue generation in the APAC market.

Summary: Success in the hyper-casual gaming world in the APAC region requires effective ad monetization of your game title with an understanding of the local context. Choosing the right ad formats and mobile advertising tools for the region is a good place to start.


The emerging popularity of hyper-casual games has done more than challenge mid and hardcore gaming titles for top positions on app store game rankings. The viability of hyper-casual games has also forced developers to rethink their approach to game design and publishing.


With millions of monthly active users across a diverse portfolio of game titles and an accessible route to monetization with ad revenue, this is a genre with some serious potential right now.



But due to the short engagement loops and low retention rates, it’s essential to activate users as soon as possible. With a combined effort from product design, marketing and ad monetization specialists, you should be able to create platforms that really engage with users.


With time of the essence, it’s vital for ad monetization strategies to be factored into the very early stages of game development, working almost seamlessly alongside user acquisition (UA) strategies to deliver more efficient growth systems that convert a greater number of users into revenue.


Developers and publishers looking to crack the Chinese mobile game market will face more than their fair share of trials when it comes to ad monetization optimization. From building products that absorb users quickly and nurture engagement, to finding the right ad formats and implementing the best mobile advertising tools, there is a challenge ahead. But believe us – it’s worth it.



Optimizing your growth cycle

Developers seeking success in China’s mobile games market must focus their efforts on producing and optimizing an effective growth cycle.


This means bringing together different parts of the game development process so that game design and UA expertise are all moving in the same direction to improve ad monetization.

Combining knowledge of your target audience with in-app features, for instance, will help you create more engagement from your users and generate revenue more consistently.


A/B testing should also be carried out to assess the effectiveness of advertising layouts and creative concepts within your platform’s structure so that gamers are really clicking with your content.


Ultimately, if you’re making a move to capitalise on the biggest game market in the world, you need everyone working together to achieve a harmonious growth cycle that will give you the best shot at your revenue targets.

What is eCPM?

eCPM, or ‘effective cost per thousand impressions’, is used to measure an app’s ad monetization performance. High eCPM mean ads are effective at converting users. The more users your ads convert, the more you can charge for the ad.

Mobile advertising tools

Partnering with various advertising mediation tools such as MoPub and Unity Ads as well as networks like Mintegral or UPLTV, will ultimately help you achieve higher fill rates and greater ad revenue.


These tools can help you optimize formats and track ad performance for hyper-casual games in China. Remember, for every ad request that doesn’t get filled, you are losing out on potential revenue. So make use of the tools that are out there to maximise the potential for ad delivery and prioritise advertisements that offer you higher eCPM.


An APAC specialist publisher will help ensure you have access to an effective ad network in the region – essential if you’re aiming for a steady flow of ad revenue.

Performance tracking

How can you improve if you don’t know where you’re going wrong? An informed approach to ad monetization in China’s mobile games market is essential for optimizing your ad performance and retaining users. And it’s surprisingly easy to get informed.

As you would in a Western market, start by identifying your key performance indicators (KPI) to track the progress of your advertising output and the success of your ad mediation tools and ad partners.


The most useful metrics will differ depending on your title, but typical performance metrics like eCPM should help inform your growth strategy and optimise your ad monetization campaign so that you are generating as much revenue as possible from your asset.


Ad monetization optimization is more than just choosing the right ads to show on your platform. Done right, it considers everything from gameplay and the flow of a game relevant to its audience, through to your ad network partnerships and KPIs.


Working with an expert in the Chinese and APAC gaming sector will help you to unlock the Asian games market – maximising your revenue and delivering a great experience for your audience.

Finding the right format

Success here hinges on optimizing gameplay and the adverts themselves; don’t underestimate the role that ad formats can play in influencing the overall experience gamers have on your platform. If your ads don’t match up with your game style, you’ll risk putting off users. The goal here is to deliver relevant gaming content and relevant adverts that your users may actually want to see; ideally making their experience on your platform a positive one.


While interstitial ads still have their place, rewarded video ads are great ways to engage users and create a healthy eCPM by offering incentives such as extra life or additional bonuses within the platform. Chinese gamers also engage well with interactive video ads, allowing them to perform certain actions or trial new games.


Lost users as they click out to install apps or follow redirections to other sites is an inherent risk with in-app advertising. But this approach to monetization also offers huge potential for revenue generation if you can attract brands to partner with your game environment to deliver their messaging.


Choosing the right format involves everything from the basics such as platform suitability and optimal layouts, to more complex elements like timing.


The date and time local gamers are most likely to respond to ads should be an important factor in integrating ads into your game. Equally, the position and duration of your ads should be tweaked so that players are more likely to engage rather than switch off from your platform altogether – which is the biggest risk from poorly positioned lengthy video ads.

What is fill rate?

In the mobile gaming monetization world, fill rate is a metric used to inform developers how many ad requests are being filled by the ad networks they deal with. If you’re taking your Western game to the Asian market, you’ll need this information to understand which tools and networks are adding the most value to your game.


With its headquarters in Shanghai, UPLTV is a useful tool for western game developers looking to access China’s games market with effective ad deployment tactics and performance tracking. Analysing the relationship between ads and fill rates, UPLTV assists developers in optimising retention rates, understanding user behaviour and generating higher revenue.



From interactive ad formats to rewarded video optimization, Mintegral provide advanced strategies for developers to optimize their ad monetization through analysis of ad space and user behaviour. Mintegral offer tools that can help developers identify the optimal ad formats for their titles and focus on improving effective growth cycles.


MoPub connects mobile publishers with ad monetization solutions. From improving fill rates to driving the highest price for ad impressions, MoPub is a mediation system that helps developers to modify their platforms to offer greater user experiences and generate more revenue.