Get publisher support from the
very start of your development cycle

HyperFuel is JoyPac’s early partnership program for hyper-casual game developers around the world. If we like your ideas, we’ll give you all the funding and knowhow you need to focus on bringing them to life.

Share the risk

In the early stages of developing a game, you’re usually on your own. You have to fund it yourself, take on all the risk yourself, and rely only on your own skills and experience.

With HyperFuel Virtual Accelerator, we’re changing that. If you can show us you’re a creative, talented developer, we’ll partner up with you from the concept stage onwards. Our experienced marketing and product teams will work with you side-by-side – giving you the funding, mentoring, and market know-how you need to make your game a success.

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    HyperFuel allows us to do what we love: making games. In the end, that’s what it’s all about – making great games and making money from them. From our experience, the HyperFuel program helps you achieve those two things.

    We have so much freedom in creativity and development. We pretty much do our own thing, but while always feeling secure that JoyPac can help us if any issues arise.

    Riley Andersen
    CEO, Umami Games

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Get ahead in a crowded market

With such a competitive, fast-growing market for hyper-casual games, it’s harder than ever to stand out. Established studios have a level of resources, expertise and market presence that’s hard to compete with.

But we believe the best creative talent should rise to the top. If you have the talent and creativity to make great games, we’ll take care of everything else for you.

Get guidance from global game industry experts

At JoyPac, we’ve launched almost 50 different apps. Our games have been downloaded over 90 million times. All the developers we work with get the full support of our UA specialists, localization coordinators, and app store relations managers.

As well as the big Western markets, we help hyper-casual games launch in markets like Japan, China, and South Korea. So we can give you data insights and expertise from the very top of the international mobile gaming market.

If we agree to HyperFuel your studio, we’ll give you:

  • An initial three-month partnership, with longer-term potential
  • Financial support from prototype to launch
  • A competitive marketing budgetFull creative freedom
  • Full ownership of all your IP
  • Full support of our experienced marketing and product teams
  • Personalized mentoring from mobile game industry experts
  • All the industry knowledge, technical infrastructure, and expertise you need
  • Comprehensive market testing from the earliest stage
  • Analytical and specific feedback on what is and isn’t working in your game

Want to apply? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Teams of at least two people
  • English speaking
  • Original, unique ideas, with a creative spark
  • A portfolio of existing games and concepts (you don’t need chart-topping games – just proof of your talents)
  • Ability to handle the fast-paced development cycle of hyper-casual games
  • Experience with hyper-casual games on mobile (iOS and Android)

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