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How ABC Runner Topped the US Charts with HyperFuel

Umami Games were looking for a partner who could give them financial and scaling support. They found it in JoyPac’s HyperFuel program.

In just a few months, our HyperFuel program helped Umami develop ‘ABC Runner’ and get it to the top of the US charts.

Here’s how we did it.

Our goal was knowledge and data, learning the best tips and tricks of hyper-casual development – as well as financial security since hyper-casual games have a lot of failures before reaching a win. So teaming up with a publisher creates a security net for a team.

Riley Anderson
CEO, Umami Games

Umami needed help to breakthrough in the hyper-competitive hyper-casual market

Hyper-casual games offer great opportunities for developers, including a very fast learning curve. When you develop 10 to 50 games a year, you quickly learn new ways to improve your design, ideation, testing and all the other skills you need.

But no matter how great your game is, the hyper-casual games market is truly competitive and it’s not easy to break through – especially for new developers who don’t have the experience and financial power of the established studios.

Many developers want to self-publish from day one. But self-publishing is a big step that needs the right team, cash flow and great product. We were realistic in that self-publishing was our goal, but we needed to place it further down the road.

Riley Anderson
CEO, Umami Games

They wanted a publishing partner who’d be supportive and flexible

Umami decided it wasn’t the right time to self-publish. So they were looking for a partner who could adapt to the specific working style they wanted.

They’re a very creative team, so they wanted a partner who’d appreciate their ideas and allow them to experiment, while also bringing results.

Hyper-casual games are ideal for our team since they combine creativity, rapid development and tons of data. We combine and mix game mechanics in new and innovative ways while still following the trends of the market. We have a million ideas, but with rapid development and early testing, we make sure we only work on games with promising metrics. Our goal is to be the best, and hyper-casual development challenges our skill set for each prototype and optimizes our chances of success.

Riley Anderson
CEO, Umami Games

This made JoyPac’s HyperFuel program a perfect fit

We launched our HyperFuel program in 2020 as a new way of collaborating with developers and studios across the globe. We find creative studios that have a lot of potential but lack the experience and budget to make their games globally successful.

With HyperFuel, we develop an environment in which we value the developer themselves, rather than just the games they make.

We were attracted to apply to HyperFuel due to the flexibility of the Joypac team. They managed to create an environment where our values were seen and heard and where we didn’t just feel like one among many developers. Joypac helps many teams but the ability to make your team feel unique and special is something we haven’t experienced with other publishers before.

We also value that JoyPac’s vision is to create financial growth and not just publish games for PR. This has helped us reflect more and more about the LTV models behind hyper-casual games and develop our own business insights.

In collaboration with Joypac, we’ve refined our development process and created a workflow where we can focus on what we’re good at: developing amazing game experiences.

Riley Anderson
CEO, Umami Games