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Webinar: How to Get Your Game Noticed and Work with a Hyper-Casual Publisher

+Introduction to the HyperFuel Virtual Accelerator

What makes for a successful partnership between developer and publisher? What kind of partnership will give your hyper-casual game the best chance of success? In this webinar, our Senior Publishing Manager Falko Boecker will tell you everything you need to know about getting noticed and working with publishers. And he’ll introduce you to HyperFuel Virtual Accelerator – a new way for us to help your creativity flourish.

What we’ll cover:

  • The different ways you can work with a Publisher (plus their advantages and disadvantages).
  • What publishers are now looking for in games and studios
  • Fresh tips for developing hyper-casual games in 2021, as well as common mistakes to avoid
  • And a live Q&A session, where you can ask us anything.


  • October 28th, 3 PM CET


  • Falko Boecker, Senior Publishing Manager, JoyPac

We will also fill you in on our new Virtual Accelerator: HyperFuel

With such a competitive, fast-growing market for hyper-casual games, it’s harder than ever to stand out. We launched HyperFuel, a partnership program, for hyper-casual game developers around the world to help supercharge their creativity and ideas while getting all the funding and know-how they need to focus on bringing them to life. Learn more and apply here.

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