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Watch On-Demand: Launching Hyper-Casual Games in China

What we cover:

  1. Introduction into hyper-casual in the West and East in 2021
  2. Opportunities in the East
  3. Challenges in the East and how to overcome them
  4. JoyPac case studies: examples of problems developers faced and how we helped to solve them.
  5. Q&A

A quick introduction to the topic:

In China, hyper-casual accounts for 60% of all game installs. It’s a huge market (over 500m players), but it’s still a young one. So there are lots of opportunities for Western developers to break in and find huge success.

It’s not easy though. You need to localize almost all aspects of your game to appeal to Chinese players. You need to understand the legal and cultural quirks of doing business in China. And then you need to consider finding advertising partners, running user acquisition, and using Chinese social media.

Breaking into the Chinese market is a big challenge, and you’ll almost certainly need some outside help. But if you find success, the rewards are enormous.

Fortunately, this is our specialist subject. Watch this webinar on-demand to learn about:

  • Understanding the Chinese mobile gaming market
  • How games in China differ from Western titles
  • The opportunities for developers looking to break into China’s market
  • The barriers hyper-casual titles face in China
  • Publishing options in China


  • Falko Boecker, Publishing Manager, JoyPac
  • Vivian Dong, Publishing Manager, JoyPac

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