Webinar on-demand

Monetization Strategies for Hyper-Casual Games

Monetization is a critical component of any successful hyper-casual mobile game. These games rely on ads to generate revenue so it is important what kind of ads you can implement and how they will be incorporated into the user experience.

Watch our webinar on-demand where we cover:

  • In-game: getting started with ad monetization, when and how to implement ads into your game, the different ad formats, placements, and frequency.
  • Mediation: getting started with mediation, adding different demand sources to the waterfall, creating floor prices, and optimization towards the best performance.
  • Header bidding: pros and cons, how does it differ from the waterfall stack, and how to best utilize both.


Falko BoeckerPublishing Manager, JoyPac
Ajay DhoruPartner Manager and Publisher Operations, Unity
Nathaniel BarkerDirector of Business Development, Kolibri Games