Webinar on-demand

How to Test Hyper-Casual Games to Maximize Performance

The biggest mistake any developer can make is holding onto a game idea that isn’t delivering. Everyone is talking about making the next hit game, but how do you know that you are putting all that hard work and time into something that will top the charts? You need to test early!

Watch our webinar on-demand where we discuss the best strategies and tactics to test hyper-casual mobile games, and how industry leaders Clap Clap and Zeptolab are using testing, data-driven decision making, and filter out well-performing games.

A few things you can expect to learn:

  • Creating “small slices” of your bigger ideas: how much is enough to start testing?
  • Running CTR tests with ad creatives to try game concept appeal
  • Applying data-driven decision making: what you should look for in the data after the test/ building benchmarks for testing
  • Building a framework to greenlight and kill ideas at hyper speed.


Vivian DongPublishing Manager, JoyPac
Gabriel StürmerCEO, Clap Clap Games
Kristina TruvalevaBusiness Development & Global Partnerships, ZeptoLab