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With our help, the same game that had failed initially became a big hit in China. It topped the charts and found a 25% boost in its revenue.

Here’s the story of how we did it.

Case fluffy Fall

从Fluffy Fall到绒球历险记的图画改动


But publishing foreign games in China is extremely difficult

The gaming industry (and culture in general) in China is very different to the western way.

What Games initially published Fluffy Fall in China themselves. But much like the falling fluffies in their game, they were quickly facing a lot of different obstacles.

“我们相信对绒球历险记来说最佳的发布时机就是在中国春节的时候“ VP Publishing at JoyPac.


We helped What Games to bridge the culture and language gaps

At JoyPac, we have offices in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London, Japan, and Beijing.

At our Beijing office, we have Chinese-speaking industry experts to be our ‘boots on the ground’. They deal with the Chinese businesses and authorities, feeding accurate information back to Copenhagen.

And through our Copenhagen office, our partners can speak (in English) to our publishing experts to get all the information and updates they need.

This setup is the key to giving western publishers all the insight and access they need in the Chinese market—but without having to navigate an unfamiliar language and culture.

“We really liked the approach of having a team in China that specializes in that market and one in the west to maintain a relationship with us. We don’t speak Chinese, so we found it much easier to have JoyPac as an intermediary.” Matthieu Brossard, Publishing Director at What(games)

Before long, Fluffy Fall was topping Chinese charts

Weeks after its rerelease, Fluffy Fall was in the top 30 most downloaded games in China.

And the difference soon showed in the game’s profits.

“After JoyPac republished the game in China, we noticed the revenue coming from this market was about 20-25% of how much this game was making in that year. This was much higher than when we were self-publishing.” Matthieu Brossard, Publishing Director at What(games)

So what was it like working with JoyPac?

To answer this question, we’ll hand over to Matthieu:

“We enjoyed communication while working with JoyPac. They’ve been sharing all the data in the Chinese market and were able to understand the APAC market from that. We already knew how people behave and act in the game in the west, so to learn and understand how the Chinese players behave and compare that to the west was very useful for us.”
“So for other publishers or developers who want to enter the Chinese market, I would definitely recommend working with JoyPac—mainly because we were so satisfied with the communication we had. It’s hard to understand what’s happening inside the Chinese market, so having a partner that knows that information is really helpful.”

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